Monday, December 20, 2004

It sure is windy

This morning, it's definitely windy here in Boulder. Probably the windiest I can remember at my house. Running into work this morning was certainly entertaining.

First off, I got blown off the sidewalk. Then, while I was waiting to cross the diagonal highway I just about got blown over. After crossing the highway, I cut through some of the trails by the reservoir. On 63rd street I started feeling the spray from the water off of the lake. My route takes me along the reservoir dam so I knew it would be interesting. On the turn from 63rd toward the reservoir, I was running pretty hard into the wind but wasn't really making any forward progress.

I finally got up onto the dam and was amazed to see the "storm surge" against the dam. There were 3-4 foot waves crashing against the dam with spray blowing in sheets across the trail. I took off across the dam and really had to concentrate to keep from getting blown off. By the time I got to the other side I was wet, but with the wind it wasn't too big a deal because it dried things out pretty quickly. Luckily after that section I turned and had a full on tail wind. Certainly good fun.

It was pretty impressive to hear the wind whistling through the power lines. I'm glad we have showers at work because there was quite a bit of sand imbedded in my hair by the time I got there.